8 Reasons To Open A Gmail Account

I have often come across friends and business associates who use free email accounts provided by their own Internet Service Provider (ISP). So their email address would look something like yourname@your-isp.com. While it’s fine to use these email addresses as a backup, using these emails as your main email address has very negative long term implications. 

Here are 8 reasons to open a Gmail account, Windows Live account or Yahoo Mail account.

  1. Easy to Move Internet Service Providers – With time, many of your contacts would have your email address (yourname@your-isp.com) in their address books. You would also sign up for a lot of services and subscriptions on the Internet using this email address. Should your ISP cease to be competitive and another service provider offers a much better deal, it will be extremely difficult to move to the next service provider for a better deal.
  2. Access Your Email Anywhere on Any Device : You are not confined to accessing your email from the one computer only at home or at the office. With a service like Gmail, you can access your Email from any computer anywhere in the world. Access your email from your Windows or Mac desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. It’s easy to maintain one contact list only on your desktop computer and mobile devices.
  3. Easy To Move Computers or Mobile Device :  As your emails, contacts etc are stored on the backend servers and not on your computer, phone or mobile provider, should your computer crash or get stolen, getting access to your emails is as easy as getting another PC, starting your browser and logging in to your Gmail account. It’s the same with your phone or mobile device.
  4. Better Uptime : The email database and software is not stored on your computer but on the backend servers. You enjoy increased robustness and uptime. Should something go wrong, it’s usually at the backend and there is an army of engineers at hand to fix it. You only need to start your browser and login and not worry about any troubleshooting. There’s no software updates, patches etc on your part to be concerned about, its all done at the backend by the time you login again.
  5. More than Just Email : A service such as Gmail is much more than a means to send and receive email. There’s a host of other apps like live text, voice and video chat. There’s calendering and organizing capability. There’s to-do or task lists, documents, spreadsheets, presentations and much more to help you stay organized and connected.
  6. Free online storage : Opening an account with Gmail or Windows Live for example gives you free online storage that you can use for synching with other devices or just for online backups.
  7. Spam Filtering : Gmail has free and effective spam filter in place. You will also be warned when an email looks suspicious or fraudulent.
  8. Its Free